Financial Freedom Radio


Our Freedom's originated in Philideplhia, PA in 1776 and has continued for many years. Within the last 50 years the financial institutions have managed to extract wealth from individuals systematically without them knowing it, leaving many frustrated and scared. 

Our Podcast will give you insights into Entrepreneurism and Financial Current Events that will help you create, keep, and maintain your wealth, regardless of financial conditions. We are excited with President Donald Trump taking office, for the first time in history the United States has a President who is an Entrepreneur and Business person who understands Entrepreneurism and Wealth Creation. 

Just click on the widget below and you will be take right to the archives or listen live at 11:00 AM EST every Friday. Click Here to be redirected to the archives. If you see the widget just click on the play button. 


We have been doing these podcast since 2007 so our archives are pretty full. There is a lot of information that you can listen to if you go back in time and download them. Right now they are free but in the near future we will be asking for donations to download them since we work based on private donations. 

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